Take a cruise

Take a cruise on Royal CaribbeanIn today’s economic climate, more and more people struggle to keep aside funds for travel. In most cases, travel is put on the back-burner. But is that necessary? Perhaps not. Taking a cruise is a very cost-effective way to both travel and enjoy a cruise.

There are many people who have not ventured into the cruising world. For many, they still have the old world ideas of cruising being for the newlyweds or the nearly deads. It’s a common misconception and one that is extremely inaccurate these days. Yes, it’s true that a great deal of guests on board a cruise ship are retired couples and many are newly-weds. However, there is a massive amount of cruisers who travel with their families, take their annual vacation on a cruise or belong to a group.

The Cruising industry is highly competitive with more and more ships being built, each bigger and more glitzy than the last. However, to survive this market, a cruise line needs to identify a niche or a specific market  to cater for. As a result, there are plenty of choices opening up to all kinds of demographics and tastes.

Cruising is a fantastic vacation pursuit.  Find out more about Taking a cruise


Back…at last

Celebrity MeridianSo, how long has it been? What’s the saying…the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There I was happily thinking about getting a daily blog going. DUH! I find it hard enough to keep posting e-mails to my girlfriend on a daily basis. But hey, you have to make time …and so I will.

Vacation time has swung around again…back with my first cruise company and by far my favourite – Celebrity cruises. This was a cruise line I started my career at. Back in the days of the lovely Horizon and Zenith and…the Meridian. Anyone remember her? I joined as cruise staff and made my way up the ranks with my debut as CD on the Meridian. Excellent start – a baptism by fire without a doubt. I recall we had three very strongly represented and zealous religious groups come on board for the same cruise. OMG – who on earth organized that semi-charter? Continue reading

Happiness- I made it to Sweden!

StockholmThe flight was everything I dreamt it would be…and more…dream as in nightmare…packed to the seams – it had it all – the babies that cried with an almost devious intent to get you as you fell into the desperate unconciousness of sleep, nattering all nighters, back seat kickers, leg room for the vertically challenged…yup, everything I predicted…But hey, I got here and that’s all that matters!

First visit to Sweden…beuatiful but expensive. The local currency, the Kronor is about 7-1 to the $…sound good but the prices quickly make up for a favourable exchange rate. A bit of shopping – a couple of packets of cookies, a toasted sandwich, a jar of coffee and a liter of milk set me back about 250 Kronors…..bloody hell! $30+ for that! How do they afford to live here? Continue reading