Happiness- I made it to Sweden!

StockholmThe flight was everything I dreamt it would be…and more…dream as in nightmare…packed to the seams – it had it all – the babies that cried with an almost devious intent to get you as you fell into the desperate unconciousness of sleep, nattering all nighters, back seat kickers, leg room for the vertically challenged…yup, everything I predicted…But hey, I got here and that’s all that matters!

First visit to Sweden…beuatiful but expensive. The local currency, the Kronor is about 7-1 to the $…sound good but the prices quickly make up for a favourable exchange rate. A bit of shopping – a couple of packets of cookies, a toasted sandwich, a jar of coffee and a liter of milk set me back about 250 Kronors…..bloody hell! $30+ for that! How do they afford to live here?

The weather is not bad at this time of year – warm in the day – about 26 degrees celcius…but it colls off to a slight chill once the sun goes down. The people are friendly. most speak fluent English…the taxi’s take credit cards…actually they prefer it as they do not like to carry cash with them…apparently they get robbed. Interestingly enough, they all have a camera inside to record all passengers getting in and to film the comings and goings which are all downloaded to a database someplace….this way the police can track the robbers with relative ease…or ta least ID them.

The women are gorgeous – they are, in the main, blue eyed and blonde…..I always kinda figured that to be a serious generalization of the nation but no, they are what we red blooded males imagined them to be….anyone for a massage? đŸ™‚ Funny story…out on my small balcony this morning surfing the web and enjoying my coffee. I hear a cough and look up…I think my coffee came back up through my nose. There she was, no word of a lie, in a pair of sheer pink panties and just a grin was this vision of loveliness – a holidaying Swede who had come out for a stretch and a yawn. Considering how close that balcony is to mine….holy whack! I swear I could smell her perfume….It was hard to concentrate after that surprise! You see, you have gotta travel to have stuff like this happen to you! Funny!

So here and ready to start aboard the ship tomorrow. It’s in for three days. I have already signed on but remain at the hotel as all the cabins are full. The outgoing CD leaves at 4am tomorrow…poor guy…so I’ll get there a little later – like when the sun’s up and start my day as the CD. Ready for the next adventure on the high seas….Now, off to explore some Swedish nightlife and the excitement of a new city….


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